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Our services

3D Printing

We specialise in additive manufacturing because we believe that the future is 3D Printing. However, our mission is to deliver the best service and solutions for our clients and their needs, so we can also provide traditional manufacturing processes such as Injection Moulding and CNC.

Our four main AM services are Fusion Deposit Modelling, Multi Jet Fusion, Selective Laser Sintering and Stereolithography (SLA), but can also deliver other solutions at request.

Shape Optimisation

If you don't have a design for your part, or you want to take advantage of our in-house shape optimisation service to optimise your part, we will work with you at this stage to get the optimum design ready for production.

If you do already have a design and are happy with it we will work with you to make it 3D print ready.

CAD Design

We have invested in Shape Optimisation (it literally is in our name) but we know that for some clients the part is perfect and all they need is a simple CAD Design to make it 3D print ready. If this is you then we can manage that design for you.


If 3D printing is not the right solution for you we have in-house CNC and Injection Moulding specialist partners that we can utilise to deliver the best end part. With our in-house CNC we can CNC parts to within 0.1mm.

Jigs & Fixtures

Well-designed jigs and fixtures enable efficient, lean manufacturing processes, but the engineering investment required to produce them can be limiting to resource-constrained operations.

We can manufacture jig and fixtures with 3D printed parts. Again, we can print in a range of materials, our most popular being our carbon fibre added material, which provides added strength and stability to the parts.

Our clients are moving more and more towards 3D printed parts, for jigs and fixtures, as it allows them to free up company resources both in time and costs.

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An example of an end Jig.

Composite Tooling

SO3D technologies can 3D print a male or female tooling for composite components. These are ideal for one-off or low run items, that require a quick turnaround time, for a dimensional accurate mould tool.

With options for high temperature moulds, stable up to 250 Degrees Celsius, it is even possible to vacuum bag Pre Preg Carbon. We can also offer a dis-solvable material (Scaffold) which dissolves away in tap water, once your part has been laid up.

We provide a full service after print, delivering to you your composite parts.

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