3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, to use the technical term; is simply the process of taking a three- dimensional solid object from a digital file and using an additive process, laying down successive layers of material, creating the final object.

As the process is additive and not subtractive, it can create complex and detailed parts using less material and producing less waste.

SO3D technologies has the capability to print in the following materials:

  • FDM (Fuse Deposition Method)
  • SLA (Stereo lithography)
  • SLS (Selective Layer Sintering)
  • DLP (Digital Light Projector)
  • FFF (Fused Filamen Fabrication)

3D printing is an option for clients who would like to have a prototype part made, as a reasonable cost and/or a low run production.

It is this area of the business where we really shine. Our reputation for research & development for new products and updating existing products is growing.

Contact us and see how we can assist your current R&D or rapid prototyping projects.