HARKEN Innovative Sailing Solutions

In the fast world of boat racing, time to market is most important. HARKEN UK approached us to help them develop a prototype part on the F101 foiling trimaran, using our 3D Print to Investment Cast service.

Turn around time from design, to final metal product, was 3 weeks. This allowed HARKEN UK to have real parts on the boat for testing. These parts are identical to the parts casted from the tooling. 

HARKEN Project Manager: "Finding a flexible part that we can work with is important and using 3D Printing means we can test the components on the boat to ensure they are perfect, before commiting to hard tooling."

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Custom Carbon Parts

These pictures are just a few examples of the custom carbon parts we have designed and printed. Using a new material available to us, we can 3D print a mould for carbon (or glass etc) parts and then simply dissolve the mould away with tap water. We can produce stunning, complex and lightweight parts in carbon that would cost £1000s in traditional methods, for a fraction of the cost.

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