SO3D technologies was founded by Managing & Technical Director, William Howden in 2012; with the sole purpose of introducing shape optimisation (SO) and additive manufacturing (3D printing) to the marine industry. As a credible professional sailor as well as yacht designer and naval architect, Will believes that the marine industry offers an opportunity to explore how 3D printing and optimised finite analysis (SO) can transform how it thinks, creates and produces small parts for boats or larger integral components, such as hulls.

Taking the success of our processes and manufacturing services within the marine industry, in 2016 we launched our services to the automotive, renewable energy and defence industries. 

We have quickly become known as the go to company for combining additive manufacturing with traditional manufacturing methods, for example 3D print to Investment Cast.

Our expertise in research and development along with prototyping and low run productions; enables us to provide real time cost effective solutions, for clients looking to take advantage of the old meets new technologies we can provide, and the innovative use of combining the two.